Terms of use of StudyPoint is a website ,,marketplace,, operated by OZ StudyPoint, Družstevná 48, 90872, Závod, Slovak Republic, IČO 53 625 226, hereinafter referred to as the operator.

General terms and conditions

Basic statements

These terms and conditions govern the relationship between the operator and the user of the portal, as well as between the users themselves.

User means a natural person who uses the portal (hereinafter referred to as the user) in accordance with these terms and conditions.

StudyPoint is an Internet portal through which the operator on the Internet (at ensures the operation of a public electronic marketplace - "marketplace" accessible to users of the service, intended for uploading, searching and downloading study materials for a fee or free of charge. The portal was primarily created to simplify studies for university students by creating a virtual site that will bring together these study materials.

Transactions on the portal are performed through the Stripe service. StudyPoint, as the operator of the portal, charges a commission of 20% of the amount of each downloaded document.

The user can use the portal as soon as he registers. By submitting the registration, the user agrees to these terms and conditions.

The user is obliged to fill in the data correctly and truthfully during registration, and to update this data if necessary. The user acknowledges that filling in incorrect data may disable some of the automatic processes of the portal.

The user logs in via email or external sites (Facebook and Google). In the case of registration through external parties, the user agrees to the privacy policy of these external parties (you can find more on the privacy page). The Stripe service, which provides payments, is also perceived by an external party. In this case, the user is obliged to follow the privacy policy of this company. After logging in, the user can update his profile, where he is obliged to fill in his name, surname, country, language, the relevant university, faculty and study program. If a user wants to request a selection of their points, they can do so, but first they must link their account to a Stripe account. The information on both platforms must be identical. The minimum number of points that a user can upload is 500 points (equivalent to 5 €).

By filling in and sending the registration form, the user, within the scope of the filled in data, grants the operator consent to the processing and storage of his personal data in accordance with Act no. 18/2018 Coll. on the protection of personal data, in order to ensure the functionality of the portal in accordance with these terms and conditions. The user has the opportunity to revoke this consent in writing at any time, but in such a case he is no longer entitled to use the portal as a registered user and his registration will be canceled by the operator.

Definitions of terms

The terms used in these Terms have the following meanings:

Prices: costs incurred in providing transactions and services offered by the portal. The amount of these costs is listed on the portal (in percent). can change them.

Intellectual property: all intellectual property rights and related rights, such as copyright, trademark rights, patents, design rights, trade name rights, database rights and related rights, as well as know-how rights, etc.

Business conditions: these business conditions.

Content: all information displayed on the portal, which was published by the portal itself.

Portal: a platform that can be accessed via the website and the relevant website. This site offers students (users) the opportunity to download or upload study materials, either for a fee or for free.

Profile: a section created by a group or an individual, which is used for registration on the portal. Internet portal,, "marketplace", operated by OZ StudyPoint with its registered office at Družstevná 48, 90872, Závod, Slovak Republic, IČO 53 625 226.

Student: user. The one who downloads the documents but also uploads them.

Study materials: all study documents (summaries of lessons, notes, etc.) provided by students (free of charge or for a fee), which are published on the portal.

  1. The portal allows you to upload, search and download users' study materials free of charge. Users can publish any number of documents, but only one document at a time. The user can only upload a document that he has written himself. Also, the user can upload only documents that meet the requirements of the portal, and therefore only documents that have the character of notes and summaries. The user can also upload documents only when logged in. User is prohibited from uploading non-authored documents. If the user uploads documents that do not meet the conditions of the portal, such documents will be deleted immediately upon detection or reporting by the operator. The user has the right to upload a document to which he has been expressly authorized by the rights holder to upload.
  2. The collection of study materials and information collected by the operator and displayed on its portal is a legally protected database. is the producer of the database and therefore has the exclusive right to grant permission to a) extract or re-utilize all or a substantial part of the contents of the database from a quantitative and/or qualitative point of view, (b) the repeated and systematic extraction or re-utilization of insubstantial parts of the contents of the database from a quantitative and/or qualitative point of view, in so far as this is contrary to the normal operation of the database or causes unjustified damage to the legitimate interests of StudyPoint. The user may request or re-use the data from the database only if these terms and conditions allow.
  3. The user acknowledges and agrees that by creating a profile, his username, university and (if provided) profile picture will be visible to other students, in case of publication of study materials and/or evaluation of the document.
  4. When uploading a document, the user must follow the conditions listed on the portal. The conditions for uploading a document are: maximum document size 5MB, document type must be in PDF format, user must state university, faculty, program and year of study, as well as document title and description (additional information, advice, etc.) and points for which wants to sell the document. If he decides to provide this document to other students free of charge, he will simply state 0 points. 100 points = 1 €.
  5. By uploading materials, the operator acquires a transferable, non-exclusive right to use the relevant user document with the relevant content. These usage rights are not limited in time or space. StudyPoint is entitled to duplicate, reproduce and offer this content to other users. Disclosure is also part of the law. is entitled to modify the uploaded materials to the extent necessary for presentation and provision on the portal.
  6. The portal is provided to users free of charge. This means that the student has the option of creating an account (registration) and using it (searching for documents and often downloading documents) for free. An exception is the charging of some documents added by users.
  7. The user must be of legal age or have the consent of a lawyer in order to use this platform. If the operator finds that the user does not meet this requirement, he can delete his account.
  8. The operator is not responsible for the content of published documents, for graphic representation or their grammatical processing, even if they are the result of automated processing of data provided by other users. The user is responsible for the content of the document. The user is solely responsible for violating the rights of third parties. The user is obliged to check the uploaded document in accordance with legal regulations before publishing it. The operator reserves the right to delete an inappropriate document. An unsuitable document is a document that does not meet the conditions in terms of content or law (copied from someone else, or a document that is classified differently than the summary, notes), or if it is in conflict with applicable laws of the Slovak Republic, other conditions or good morals .
  9. The inserted document will be published free of charge for an indefinite period. If the uploaded document needs to be deleted, the document will be deleted together with all the data entered by the user when entering. If the document is deleted, the operator does not have to and will not contact users about this activity.
  10. If the user decides to share documents published on the portal, he can do so via a link to the document on the portal. However, sharing an already downloaded document with others is not allowed.
  11. The user is aware that if he wants to delete the document he has uploaded, he can do so by contacting the portal.
  12. The user is responsible for ensuring that the content of the document and the photographs or other files that are part of the document do not affect the rights of third parties. The operator is not responsible for interference with the rights of third parties by the user.
  13. If the user uses photographs of the author in the document, he grants the operator a free non-exclusive license to use not only the document but also photographs at the time of uploading the document to the portal, and in accordance with these terms and the other terms of the portal.
  14. The user is prohibited from sharing documents that contain advertising, spam or inappropriate content. In the event that the operator finds such a document, he has the right to immediately delete the document without notifying the author.
  15. The user retains all intellectual property rights to his study materials.
  16. Users have the option to download study materials from the platform for personal use only. Unless users act otherwise, is not responsible for this.
  17. When a user creates a profile, he has the opportunity to rate but also report the study material of other users in the manner specified on the portal. The operator has the right to delete these ratings in case of derogatory and otherwise inappropriate ratings.
  18. The study material offered on the portal serves only as a study aid. Study materials found on the portal may not be submitted as your own work because it infringes copyright.
  19. Even after adding a document to the portal, the user remains the sole owner of this document. This means that it owns all copyrights of this document in the sense of the Copyright Act no. 306/2018 Coll. and its earlier wording (No. 215/2018 Coll. and No. 185/2015 Coll.).
  20. By using the platform, the user guarantees that he has thoroughly checked the rules, regulations and provisions that apply to his university and that he is allowed to use the services offered by the operator. The Operator does not accept any responsibility or responsibility for the user's decision to use the platform, if this decision would be in conflict with the regulations or provisions of the user's university concerning academic work.
  21. If the user infringes the intellectual property rights of others, the operator has the right to block the account.
  22. The user can cancel his account at any time via e-mail to the operator, where the user informs the operator of his will. The user's points will be paid to him.
  23. The user agrees to the use of means of distance communication when concluding a contract with the operator. The user bears the costs incurred in connection with the implementation of access and use of (i.e. the cost of internet connection and others).
  24. The user acknowledges and agrees that by uploading study material to the platform, it automatically grants the operator a free, worldwide and non-exclusive license to publish and reproduce study material based on the platform's offer. This license automatically terminates when the user removes the study material from the platform.
  25. The user is personally responsible for any necessary income statements in the country where the tax is paid.
  26. The user is obliged to protect the data obtained while using the portal from any misuse, and is also obliged to secure them against access by unauthorized persons. In the event of a breach of this obligation, the user is fully liable for the damage. The operator is not responsible for the truthfulness and timeliness of user data.
  27. The user is prohibited from interfering with the operation of the portal in any way (e.g. by installing a computer virus)
  28. The operator is not responsible for finding a suitable document.
  29. The price for the study material is determined by the user. The user directly enters into an agreement with another user in which you grant him the right to use this study material. is not part of this agreement. serves only as an intermediary and offers a portal that allows users to upload study material and provides payments through an external party. These terms and conditions therefore only apply to the use of the portal and not to the agreement between the users of the portal.
  30. The user can decide for himself how much money they would like to withdraw, with a minimum of 5 € in the currency in which the user uses the portal. collects deposits and transfers money once a month, usually at the beginning of the month.
  31. The operator only mediates the connection between the seller and the buyer and does not assume any guarantees for the quality, origin and content of the document.
  32. The operator is not responsible for the misuse of personal user data listed in the document, or obtained by illegal intrusion into the site system by a third party (you can find more on the privacy page). The user agrees to the anonymous use of registration and statistical data.
  33. The operator is not responsible for the activities of users of the portal or for the way in which they use the portal. The administrator is not responsible for any misuse of the portal services by users or third parties.
  34. The Operator shall not be liable for any damages that would occur directly, indirectly or accidentally to users or third parties as a result of or in connection with the use of the portal. Nor is it liable for damages that may be incurred by users or third parties as a result of the inability to use the portal or in direct or indirect connection with this fact.
  35. The Operator does not guarantee the quality, authenticity or accuracy of any documents sold or offered for sale or any information on the website. is not responsible for the performance or results of the user in academic subjects as a result of the purchase and use of any documents.
  36. If the study material cannot be downloaded and/or the study material demonstrably shows an error due to an error on the platform, the operator shall return the purchase to the user. If the user is dissatisfied with the received document, he can request a complaint. In this case, however, they must do so within 24 hours of purchasing the document. The user is also obliged to enter the reason for the complaint. The operator does not accept any responsibility for errors in the orders of study materials. The user can request a complaint only if the document does not correspond in content. Otherwise, it is not possible to cancel the purchase of any study material or change it. In the event of a complaint, the user has the right to receive 50% of the price of the document.
  37. The Operator declares that it manages and will devote itself to the management of the portal with the utmost effort and professional care so as to minimize all possible risks that could arise for users or third parties if the portal is used properly.
  38. The Operator is entitled to modify or innovate the portal without the consent of the users and without their prior notice.
  39. The operator is entitled to (temporarily) decommission the portal and/or restrict its use without prior notice and without the obligation to pay compensation to users if it is necessary in the operator's opinion, for example: in connection with the required maintenance of the portal.
  40. The Operator does not guarantee that the portal or any part of it will be accessible at any time and without any interruptions or failures. Portal failures can occur due to Internet or telephone connection failures or viruses or malfunctions/errors. The operator is not responsible or obliged to pay the user in any way compensation for damage that arises or arises as a result of (temporary) unavailability of the website.
  41. Clicking on some links on the portal may cause you to leave the portal and be redirected to third party websites.
  42. We use the services of third-party advertising companies to serve ads to visitors to our website. These companies may use information (not including your name or email address) about your visits to these and other websites to provide advertisements for products and services of interest to you.
  43. The operator must be compensated if the user knowingly harmed the operator. The amount of compensation will be quantified after a thorough investigation of the case by the legal entity. The operator is not responsible for the dispute between two or more users or other external parties and the user.
  44. The operator is only liable for damage if the cause of the damage is based on intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the operator. Furthermore, the operator is responsible for a slight negligent breach of basic obligations, the breach of which jeopardizes the achievement of the purpose of the contract, or for breach of obligations, the fulfillment of which allows, in particular, the proper performance of the contract.
  45. In no case will the operator be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages, including, for example, loss or damage to data (including study material), loss of profits and loss of sales. Including, damages for interruption of activity, for loss and/or damage to data for the purpose of loss of privacy, which arise from the use of the platform or from any other connection with its use or inability to use it, as well as all other forms of damage. The Operator does not guarantee uninterrupted access to the portal, including the account, nor the safety and security of The Operator is not liable for damage caused to the user during access and use of, including any damage caused by downloading data published on, damage caused by interruption, failure, computer viruses, damage due to data loss, disk, unauthorized access to user data transfers.
  46. An error on means primarily a malfunction of services on the basis of an individual contract, for a period longer than 6 hours in 24 hours. It is not an error if the operator's services are not available due to a non-functional connection of the user to the Internet network or due to other facts for which the operator is not responsible.
  47. In the event of force majeure, failure to comply with the agreement between the user and the operator cannot be considered an attributable failure and the operator is relieved of all contractual obligations and responsibilities. Force majeure includes, but is not limited to, employee illness and/or absence of personnel critical to securing the platform, power outages, fire, natural disasters, strikes, floods, third party failures, internet disruptions, hardware interruptions, network interruptions and other unforeseen circumstances. .
  48. StudyPoint reserves the right to make at least the first page of study material freely available, regardless of whether the study material is offered for payment or not.
  49. The Operator reserves the right to restrict or terminate users' access to the Studypoint portal at any time.

Processing of personal data

  1. The controller shall process personal data in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 182/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council. 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data-GDPR), Act no. 18/2018 Coll. on the protection of personal data, Act No. 22/2004 Coll. on Electronic Commerce, Act No. 351/2011 Coll. on electronic communications and other legislation on personal data protection.
  2. Personal data is processed automatically.
  3. For the purposes of using the portal service by users, especially uploading documents, but also for the possibility of creating recommended documents, targeted advertising, surveys and automatically generated messages for users, the operator is authorized to process personal data (internally, between StudyPoint members who are responsible for the StudyPoint portal). .app) of the user or personal data provided by the user (university students) when using the portal (e-mail, information about the study/school, faculty, department), IP address, descriptive and invoicing data for payments). For example, when uploading documents, the operator may process personal data that is part of this document. This is the data visible, for example, in the document header, in the document description and in the document content. The personal data provided are visible to other users of the portal. If the user does not update their profile immediately after logging in, the StudyPoint portal will display the e-mail address of the user through whom the user logged in, e.g. for documents uploaded to the portal by the user, as long as the user updates his profile. By logging in to the portal, the user grants OZ StudyPoint non-exclusive, worldwide, permanent and free copyright to the exercise of all copyrights and publicity rights in relation to the name and logo of the user's university for the purpose of advertising and publishing OZ StudyPoint products and services, on this website, in user lists and in OZ StudyPoint
  4. Such processing of personal data is lawful because it is necessary for the performance of the contract under which the user uses the services of the portal and to which the user is a party as a subject of personal data.
  5. The user acknowledges and agrees that by creating a profile, his username, university and (if provided) profile picture will be visible to other students, in case of publication of study materials and/or evaluation of the document.
  6. In specific cases, the controller may process personal data beyond conditions 3 and 4, if such processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests of the controller or third parties, always in accordance with the legal requirements for the processing of personal data.
  7. The user has the right to access personal data, to correct personal data, to delete personal data, to restrict the processing of personal data, to object to the processing of personal data, to transfer personal data, to withdraw his consent at any time and file a motion to initiate proceedings under § 100 of the Act on protection of personal data.
  8. The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their username and password combination. The user is not entitled to provide his username and/or password to third parties. In the event that it does so and damage occurs, the operator is not liable for such damage. If the user finds that the username and/or password has fallen into the hands of unauthorized persons, he must inform the operator immediately. The user is also required to take immediate, effective action, such as changing the password.
  9. Pursuant to the Act on Certain Information Society Services, the user agrees that the operator is entitled to send the user any messages containing information about news that offers.
  10. The operator uses the Sendgrid service to send e-mails and newsletters. Sendgrid receives access to personal data, such as first and last name, as well as the user's e-mail address and country of origin, from the operator in order to send e-mails and address e-mails correctly. The data is stored on Sendgrid's servers. With Sendgrid, StudyPoint can analyze sent mail campaigns. This way you can find out if a newsletter report has been opened and which links have been clicked. Technical information is also recorded. However, this information cannot be associated with the appropriate newsletter recipient. They are used exclusively for statistical analysis of news campaigns. The results of these analyzes can be used to better tailor future bulletins to the interests of recipients. If users do not want Sendgrid's analysis, they must unsubscribe. We provide a link to this in every news report. Users can withdraw their consent to receive the newsletter at any time by unsubscribing. For more information, see the Sendgrid Privacy Policy at: or/and
  11. We use the services of third-party advertising companies to serve ads to visitors to our website. These companies (such as Facebook, Google) may use information (not including your name or email address) about your visits to these and other websites in order to provide advertising about the products and services that interest you. The information can also be used to analyze and optimize the portal.
  12. All information about embedded documents, e-mails, and other information about users, as well as payment data and invoices are archived for 3 years.
  13. The user will be informed of a personal data breach.
  14. Personal data is stored for 3 years from the granting of consent. The user can renew this consent repeatedly by confirming the extension email. After this period, the data will be stored in an anonymised form for statistical purposes. The consent granted is required for the maintenance of the account and for the mediation of the service.

These terms and conditions can be modified in the event that the points of the terms and conditions change at any time.

If you have any questions, comments or requests regarding these terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

These terms and conditions apply from 06/04/21.

Relationships not regulated in the conditions are governed by valid legal regulations of the Slovak Republic.